My favourite hobby is working out. Other than looking at chicks, and stalking them on Facebook, I work out, so then I can touch those girls and not be charged. 

My favourite way to workout is with my TRX. My friend even sleeps with his, he's a bit funny sometimes. I think it's because his girlfriend is Asian, that may explain it, maybe..

I think even if he didn't have an asian girlfriend, and maybe had a normal one with good genes, then he'd probably still sleep with his TRX suspension training system. That would make sense, they do smell like success.


Do you see that picture of a baby and a girl on the left? You don't want to be either of those. They're weak - are you weak? If so - go and Buy a TRX if you haven't already. Of course you haven't, if you had bought a TRX already you wouldn't be a girl or a baby or weak.

If you're still weighing it up, then maybe you need to see what I look like. I look awesome, some people would say I look like Zeus. I'd prefer it if they said I looked like Zyzz though. It's all thanks for the TRX suspension trainer though, that thing is incredible. If I could marry an object, I would be marrying my TRX, and that's a fact.

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