So basically I went to school in Australia where they made Physical Education (PDHPE) mandatory. But unfortunately, they didn't have TRX Suspension Trainers, they just had poor quality equipment that had no hope of whipping us into shape.

If they DID have a TRX system, we would've shared it between all 150 students, purely because they're amazing. That doesn't even do it justice, the TRX should've been invented earlier so we'd have a better looking planet. There would be heaps less obesity, and the world would be much fitter and healthier.

It's fine if you don't believe me, but at the end of the day, I look great, and it's all due to me buying a TRX. If you want to buy one, then Click Here, and that'll take you to the cheapest genuine TRX shop in the world. I wish I'd bought mine from there, I'm considering buying the new model from there though.

They just brought out this new TRX called the TRX Force Kit: Tactical, it seems pretty good. If I bought one I'd probably sleep with it, cuddle it and overall just love it. It has some serious improvements over the old TRX models, including the rubber handles being upgraded which were notorious for breaking over time. What this means is you'll get to keep it for longer, and it will be a much better investment, even though it's quite cheap to begin with.

It's definitely NOT cheap and nasty though, the quality is superb, and I can't speak highly enough about it. If you're considering the purchase of a home-gym system or even a gym membership, then stop being retarded, seriously, do you have down syndrome or something? Those things are expensive! What you should do, is jump over to the official TRX Suspension Trainer website and buy yourself some legit gear that will make you ripped and shredded.

It's good if you want to bulk up too, it's great for the overall appearance of muscle, and will also be classed as cardio for some exercises. That's the great thing about the TRX, it has so many exercises you can master that you'll never get bored of it. You may even create some exercises of your own, which probably isn't a bad idea considering you probably know better than scientists and personal trainers you smartass.

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